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Fibonacci Burfing Monkey Fibonacci Burfing Monkey

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

You didn't give credit!

The music is 'Intermission' by the Offspring, don't forget to give credit!

Evil-Dog responds: could I forget :(

Chaos Warrior Chaos Warrior

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I liked it :)

A bit too much like madness, but really good for a first.

Santa Baby Santa Baby

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good one :)

I like it, I was just thinking about this on my way from school today. Santa getting owned by his own wife. Lol.

Robotes-Nemis The French Robotes-Nemis The French

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Its pretty good.

The only thing is that it would have been a lot funnier if it wasn't so glum.

Dark Red Riding Hood Dark Red Riding Hood

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I like the style

I thought it was good. Reminded me a lot about Sin City.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars



Evil Josh & Billy: Ep. 05 Evil Josh & Billy: Ep. 05

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I love it. REALLY REALLY Funny. Keep it coming.

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Trigger Happy Trigger Happy

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's allright.... not really THAT great.

I don't really like it. The song is awesome, but everything else isn't that good.

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kikkimikki responds:

Well, thanks for voting fair anyway.
We cant all like it you know;)